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Ambassador Program

If you like what we are making, join us and help us spread the message.
Our  ambassador program is 100% free, there will no cost associated throughout the program
Here at BirdBirch, we love helping every girl and women find affordable and luxurious jewelry that fits their individuality, style and story. With transparent and honest pricing, we hope our jewelry continues to compliment any outfit and revolutionise the jewelry industry.
Therefore, we need YOU to help us spread the message!

Join the BirdBirch A
mbassador Program for free and receive:
- 10% commission on all net sales 
- Access to affiliate exclusive text, banners, ads, offers


1. How will I be paid?
At the end of each month, you will receive a pay out via PayPal. 
2. How are my sales recorded?
For every purchase made with your unique link or unique code, you will receive a 10% commission on all net sales (excluding shipping, taxes, customs).
3. How do I receive my own unique code or unique link?
You will receive it after you sign up by filling the form above. It will be a 10% discount code.
4. How can I upgrade my 10% to 20% discount code?
To upgrade to 20%,  you can make a purchase with ambassador exclusive 50% discount code. Do send us an email request once you made a purchase. More discount = more sales.
5. How do I share my unique code or unique link?
You can share it via any social media platform or with your friends. You are allowed to use any images from our website. 
6. Do I have to make a purchase to become an ambassador?
No, our program is free to join. We welcome anyone who is interested.